Camp NaNo Week Three Update:

Week three was a definite week of change for me and my word count.

I realized that this book just didn’t feel right being told in third person. So, I opened a new word document and started over in the first person.

This is by far the best decision that I’ve made all month. I feel great about everything now, and it’s given me something to revamp and get excited about.

So obviously since I just started the rewrite and there’s a little over a week left, I had to shorten my word count again.

This time it’s at 10,000 words and I’m really hoping to achieve it. Also, I’m really hoping that I can continue this story in November with NaNo WriMo.

While I’ve been really erratic this month, I know that these changes are going to make the book better.

Camp Nano has really never been this hard for me before, including the April session. But, maybe it’s good to put a little pressure on myself, after all that’s how I’m going to improve.

Happy Writing and I’ll see you soon with a final Camp NaNo Update!



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