Life Update:

It’s July. Not only is it July, but it’s more than halfway through July. What??? Just yesterday it was the last day of school.

Not only am I ready for senior year, I’m excited for it.

But before I head back to the place I want to leave forever, I still have a chunk of summer to enjoy.

So far it’s been pretty great. I finished my portion of editing on my latest completed novel. I started a new novel. I’ve gotten to babysit some awesome kids. I’ve gotten a sunburn and lived through it. I’ve been shopping. A lot. I’ve read some awesome books and seen some awesome movies. I’ve gotten to sleep in. Multiple times. I’ve eaten a good portion of ice cream. I’ve spent time with my awesome friends.

I’ve enjoyed summer. (And by enjoyed I mean freakin’ loved)

While I’m not ready for early mornings and studying I’m ready for life. I’m ready for the next stage of college, even though I’ll probably be broke.

I’m ready to publish ‘Road to the Throne‘ as soon as it’s finished being edited. (P.S. shoutout to my fave editors: Mom, Dad, and Katie for being totally awesome to read my stuff.)

I’m also ready for another giveaway. (*cough cough*)

Andddddd I’m also ready for Camp NaNo to be over with. (Week three update coming soon)

So that’s it.


Happy Summer!



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