Review: Sweet Venom

If anyone is into greek mythology or the paranormal, I would totally recommend this book for you.

Although, I have to admit, I thought when I first started this book that I wouldn’t like it. You see, the book is told from the different perspectives of triplets (although they didn’t know they were triplets at first).

Each triplet grew up with a different adoptive family, but they all end up in the same city of San Francisco, where there is a bit of a monster problem. The triplets are the descendants of Medusa, and destined to fight the monsters that only they can see. The author did a great job of making each one of the triplets unique, and making the perspective changes unconfusing.

A small dash of romance mixed with the greek mythology made this novel a great match for me!

If there’s a sequel, which I have an inkling that there is, you can bet that I’m going to check it out.


Happy Reading!


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