Review: The Heir

I’m actually disappointed in myself for not reading this book sooner. It’s book four of one of my favorite book series of all time by Kiera Cass.

I find the series kind of comparable to the TV series Bachelor and Bachelorette. The first three books of the series are about a prince that holds a ‘selection’. They bring in 35 women for him to meet and fall in love with. Every so often, he sends some of the ladies home, which is like the rose ceremony on the TV shows.

It is full of fun twists and turns and most importantly-romance!

This novel follows the child of the prince and his wife (who are now the king and queen). The main character, Eadlyn, is the future queen and in attempts to calm a revolting kingdom, she holds her own selection with 35 of her own men to choose from.

Kiera Cass does a great job of making each character stand out with their own personalities and situations.

I will definitely get the next book to the series soon!

If you love romance and drama, you will love this book and the rest of the series. But be forewarned, there are lots of cliffhangers in this series!

The first novel is called The Selection.


Happy Reading!



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