Four Must Have Tips for Camp NaNo

Camp NaNo starts tomorrow, but don’t freak out. I’m a two time camp champion (2014,2015) and a three time NaNo WriMo champion (2013,2014,2015) and I’m here to help.

There is something more to camp than just ‘winging’ it. While your plotline may be a little underprepared, don’t go in with low expectations. With these four tricks, you can get your camp nano winner’s certificate.


  1. Type it all- It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, it matters if you meet your word count.
  2. Follow NaNo Word Sprints- This is a twitter account that encourages you to write as much as you can in 10 minutes, and then 15 minutes, usually working yourself up to 30 minutes. Sometimes there are fun prompts that you can use for something to write about.
  3. Use your cabins!- In your camp nano account you can set up a cabin. You can either set up your own with your friends, or you can be randomly placed with others. Use these cabins to encourage yourself and others on the same journey!
  4. Find Inspiration- Look for your future. Find your motivation to finish your project. I guarantee you, you can do it. Make sure you have fun!


With that, I’m so excited to start camp nano, and I hope that you are too!


Happy Writing!




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