Review: I am Number Four

This book was the kick-off to my summer of reading, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

It was action, romance, and sci-fi all mixed in one. When I first picked up the book I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Why? Well, the main character is an alien.

When I personally picture aliens I see the tiny little green dudes. I assure you, there were no little green dudes in this book, much to my relief.

The plotline follows the story of an alien teenage boy, Number Four, and his protector, Henri. They are on the run from another line of aliens that intend to destroy them.

This was a very good plot, although sometimes I was a little confused with all of the new terms that were used. Also, sometimes I felt that crucial information was just thrown into the story.

These were only small problems, however. I really enjoyed the other plot twists and how each character was developed.

One of my favorite bits is about the legacies. Legacies in this novel refer to the character’s powers. As Number Four grows older, he will begin to develop legacies. Yeah, so even though he already gets to be stronger and faster than humans automatically, he still gets to develop superpowers.

What superpowers would you want?

I would either want to breathe underwater or fly.

Anyways, I totally recommend this book. Also, there’s a movie too. Double bonus!

Happy Reading!




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