Summer Reading Update

Finally, finally, finally, (one more for good measure) finally! Summer is here, school is over, and my ACT scores are not the cause of my stress anymore.

Do you remember the blog post from earlier this month that talked about all of the books that I own that I’m going to read this summer?

Well, throw all of that out of the window, because instead of doing the correct thing and reading the books that I talked about, I took a trip to the library, which is the first problem.

I have a severe disease called ‘I-can’t-leave-the-library-without-1200-books’. So, yes. Here I am now, waist deep in library books. However, I can’t say that I regret my decision.

So after reading a book the new plan is to leave a review on my site. I have one book down, and so far I have two words to sum it up. Freakin’ awesome!!

Hopefully by the time that I sit down and write the review, I’ll have formed some more articulate opinions.



Also, on another note, July Camp NaNo is happening soon!! Are you going to take the novel journey next month? If so, join a writing support group now. You’ll need it-trust me.

Happy Writing! (And library visits)



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