July Camp NaNo WriMo

It is officially June and it is officially one month away from July’s session of Camp NaNo WriMo! It’s about the time that I begin to think about if I want to participate in this session. Naturally, I do, but I don’t know if I have enough time to sit down and write a 30,000 or more word novel.

But that’s why I begin to think of this before July. I may set a word count goal to continue expanding my novel in the works, or I may just devote the month into actually editing the novel.

Whichever I choose, I know that I’m ready to take some time for writing. And, I hope that you consider it too. Writing takes time as I’ve said before. So dedicating a day, week, or even a month to your story can have a big impact.

To prepare I recommend doing at least one of the three things below:

  1. Brainstorm. Even just a little. Who are the characters? What is the story about?
  2. Plan out when you can type. Having a schedule in the summer can be hard, but you need one in order to keep yourself on track.
  3. Read! Take note of the way other authors write. How do they begin their stories? After you begin writing you’ll start to notice all of the little things in a book, like what tense they use or how they describe things.

I really really really hope that if you’re interested in writing you’ll take a look at this program. I’ll link it here for you to check it out and make an account.

Happy Writing!




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