What’s In A Name?

Naming characters is hard. Trust me. It’s the first thing that I do when planning a book because somehow when I give a character a name I am also giving them a personality.

Characters with a distinct personality are what makes a good story. Sometimes their names, or how they are called by friends, gives them certain implied traits.

Maybe your character absolutely hates their name and refuses to go by it, showing that they are very opinionated.

Sometimes, the character’s name has been in their family for centuries, indicating that they have a strong family background.

Although you don’t have to go for a direct translation of a name, it is fun. For example, Alma is said to mean caring or fostering, so your character named Alma could have those traits.

Baby naming websites are my favorite places. If I’m looking for a warrior’s name I literally type in ‘strong names for boys or girls’.

For a small sneak peak into my next book, one of my new favorite characters is Dane. He’s strong and straight to the point, just like his name. It’s a pretty unique name because his mother wanted to give him the name Diana if he was a girl.

If you want an update on my newest novel, please feel free to visit a new page I set up for it on this website titled ‘New Novel Info’!

Happy Writing!






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