Free Reading Websites

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. Free. Reading. Websites. They exist, and they are my life. While I always will enjoy holding a paperback book in my hands, there’s something about free books that appeals to me.

These free reading websites do not feature already published and popular books, such as the Divergent series, but they feature content that the users create. This is where it gets a little sketchy. Sometimes some authors have some problems with grammar. And plot. And punctuation.

This is all tiny stuff, sure, but I personally can’t read any book with these problems. However, most of the books that I’ve read on the free reading websites are amazing. Two of the websites that are my favorite are wattpad and movellas. They are very similar sites, just with different layouts. I tend to use wattpad for reading, and I used to use movellas to write.

These websites are a great place to begin to build your reputation. I’ve seen many wattpad authors be picked up by publishers to publish the book they wrote on the site. Nothing competes with free, and I’ve honestly read better stories on the websites than published works.

Eventually of course, as I’ve seen trickle in with wattpad, ads are coming. Since the websites are free, there has to be money made somewhere. I see a future of these websites charging money to view some of the books. However, they will probably still be cheaper than the average paperback book cost, keeping them popular.

I totally recommend these sites if you’ve got some time to kill and no money to spend.


Happy Writing! (And Reading!)






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