Prologues: Pros and Cons

Finally, after five long days, here I am with my next post! In my last post of the preview of my next novel, I said that I’d talk about prologues.

In further examination of all of my books, only two of them have prologues, Road to the Throne and Dreams of Darkness. 

Prologues were added to these novels for one reason only: they added to the story. That’s only when you should use them, when they add to the story. In both instances that I have used a prologue they are events that happened before the events in my book took place.

For instance, in the prologue in the previous post, Alice’s parents were leaving her somewhere. This occurs when Alice is a young girl, much younger than the age she is in the rest of my novel.

This prologue also introduces the story concept slightly. The main character is obviously Alice, and the actions of her parents give a sense of foreshadowing for the rest of the novel.

This is an instance for when a prologue works, but there are times when it doesn’t.

  • The prologue must be set before the story.
  • If there is nothing that you need to introduce in your story, you’re better off starting it with the first chapter.
  • Don’t use a prologue if it is the sequel to a previous book, unless this book has a completely new premise with the same characters.
  • If the prologue doesn’t add any relevant information to your story, delete it.

These are only a few instances, because you’ll know when you read your story if the prologue fits it.

Happy Writing!



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