NaNo WriMo Winner!

The end of April means only one thing to me: the end of Camp NaNo WriMo. It was a long month, filled with mandatory high school junior testing, but nevertheless I managed to tack on 10,000 words to the novel that I started writing in the fall.

I met my small goal of 40,000 words using two things: the deep focus playlist on Spotify and NaNo word sprints on twitter.

My novel, Road to the Throne, is not yet complete. I’m attempting to make it my best book yet (as I should) so it will not be published until I feel confident of that.

If you also enrolled in the Camp NaNo WriMo program and won, congrats!! I love the month of April because it’s almost like a prep month for November, which is in seven months. Winner goodies are coming on May 3rd, and I’m so excited to see what we get!

If you happened to miss this month of writing, fear not! July is the other month of NaNo, so start planning your novel now so you can be ready!

For those of you that finished a novel, double congrats and happy editing!



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