Fiction vs. Nonfiction Writing

Recently in my English class we were assigned to write a research paper. Even though I generally enjoy writing, I do not enjoy writing non fiction.

In the research paper that we have to write we need to have at least four full pages. I don’t know why, but getting the fourth full page was just about the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while. That being said, I can write hundreds of pages of fiction writing, but it physically hurts to write four pages of nonfiction.

I began thinking about why it takes me so long to write a nonfiction piece, and why I don’t enjoy it. Most of it is personal preference, but the other aspect of it is practice. I write fiction almost everyday, but the only time I write nonfiction pieces is for school.

The main difference between the two styles is, of course, the content. That’s not really my problem. Nonfiction requires more of a direct approach, it’s full of facts, and the sentences tend to be more complex. Fiction writing allows you to be creative on your approach, and dialogue tends to be the bulk of the story.

While nonfiction isn’t my favorite genre of writing, I tend to do well at it because of my talent in fiction writing. While I am not allowed to go overboard with creativity, nonfiction is all about sentence structure, which I get a lot of practice in while writing fiction.

If you’re ever stuck in writing a nonfiction piece, start treating it like any other story that you’d write. Put the facts in an order that makes sense, and try to keep the reader intrigued with differentiating sentence structures (even though you’re falling asleep writing it!).


Happy Writing!



One thought on “Fiction vs. Nonfiction Writing

  1. Katelyn,
    I enjoy your blog very much! I find your writing tips very informative and inspiring! I know there is a book in me screaming to get out and you may be giving me that push!
    I volunteer at Otter Lake Ele. and am a friend of your moms! Keep up the good work and keep your eye on the prize as you are going to be so successful in your endeavors !
    Karen b.

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