Rochester Writers’ Spring Conference

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend the Rochester Writers’ Spring Conference. It was located at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

This conference was focused on crafting and writing characters. There were some great speakers, but my favorite would have to be Lynne Golodner. She did a presentation on the art of dialogue.

One of the many things that I learned from this presentation is that sometimes you just have to let your writing flow.

Editing can come later, so just write as fast as you can. Dialogue is a natural thing, so it’s easier and more realistic if you don’t think about it.

When I am writing dialogue for a certain character, I tend to try to fit the words that they say with their personality.

Nobody should be exactly the same in your story, which is why adding unique dialogue for some of your main characters makes them more memorable.

If you’d like more information on the presentations, please visit the Rochester Writers website, which can be found here.

They also do a fall conference, and I look forward to possibly trying to go again!


Happy Writing!



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