Triple Threat

Okay, so now that we’ve covered ideas and writer’s block, we’re ready to move on to the actual story. 

Side note: When I use the words ‘actual story’, I literally mean what you’re writing.

Alright, so as I see it, there are three elements that you need in order to make your book great.

You need:

  1. Great characters.
    • In order to create a story that functions, you need characters with somewhat unique personalities.
    • Something has to happen to someone in order for you to create your plot. Even if your characters aren’t the main element of your story, you still need them.
  2. A believable setting.
    • When I say believable, I don’t mean nonfiction. A believable setting is something that your readers will believe. Even if it is a fiction book, your setting still needs to seem realistic, even if it isn’t.
    • I have done extensive research on the weather in some places. Even if that doesn’t pertain to your book, you still need to make sure that people will believe in the when and where of your book.
  3. A structured plot.
    • In order to have a plot you need to have events in your book. It is up to you to make sure that those ‘events’ flow together peacefully.
    • Don’t pop up too many things out of the ordinary. Things may be sudden, like a death during battle, but don’t make something happen suddenly that doesn’t make sense. Set the scene before you begin too many plot twists.

I will be going into these elements in more detail in my next few blog posts, but this should get you thinking.

I’m hoping that I made a bit of sense, but if I didn’t, please let me know!





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