Double Trouble

For everyone who writes or wants to write knows that the two hardest aspects of writing are ideas and application.

By application I mean the art of actually writing. Once you pass step one, which is getting an idea, you must do the hardest thing, write. This sounds funny, I know. However, it’s very true.

Ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere, and usually I get mine by not thinking specifically about anything. I’ll be working on my math homework, or taking a shower when inspiration hits. This is nice, but it is always followed by actually having to write my ideas down on paper.

Writing takes time. Novels don’t take seconds to write. They take hours, months, and even years. To get past the intimidating factors of obtaining ideas and writing them, I recommend carrying a notebook, or just something to write on when inspiration hits.

And then, when it comes down to it, you just need to write. It’s a lot easier to edit something bad than nothing at all.

You can do it, it just won’t seem easy at the time.

If you are really stuck in a rut, I’d advise hopping over to some random title generators. It’s nice knowing what you want your title to be before you start writing! Here are some of my faves:

Here & here.

The idea to paper process doesn’t ever really get any easier, but you’ll learn to deal with it more efficiently.
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